Election Commissioner

Election Commissioner

Wanda Heermann
804 Ivy St
PO Box 347
Stanton NE 68779
(402) 439-2222
Fax: (402) 439-2200

The election commissioner is responsible for voter registration and conducts all elections in the County. Stanton County is divided into 3 Commissioner Districts. It has 15 precincts consisting of 7 voting precincts. There are approximately 4,000 registered voters.

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Nebraska Secretary of State (election laws, voter information, military information, etc.)
Nebraska Republican Party
Nebraska Democratic Party
Nebraska Libertarian Party


Precinct Voting Locations




Stanton A, Stanton C

District Courtroom - Stanton County Courthouse

804 Ivy St, Stanton NE

Stanton B

Ivy Manor Community Center

1109 Ivy St, Stanton NE

Following precincts are designated as Mail Only precincts and no poll site will be available for castings votes.
Butterfly, Dewey, Dimick, Elkhorn, Haymow, Kingsburg, Maple Creek, Pilger, Ramshorn, Spring Branch, Spr Br2 and Union Creek.
Ballots will be mailed to all registered voters.