Section 1. Off-Street Parking Requirements.


At the time of erection of a structure or building, or at the time of enlargement, or change in use of a structure, building or land, off-street parking spaces shall be provided and maintained for all uses as follows:


Area or Parking Space

Dwelling and Mobile Home

Two parking spaces per dwelling unit


Section 2. Location and Setback.


All yard areas except the front yard required for residential uses may be used for parking purposes.

All yard areas required for all other uses may be used for parking purpose except where it abuts the R-1, A-1, R-M Districts when the required yard and landscaping requirements in the districts in which the use is located shall apply. In no case shall the setback be less than 10 feet from any R-1, A-1, R-M District.

All parking spaces required by these regulations shall be located on or within 30 feet of the lot it serves or adjacent to the use intended to be served.


Section 3. Interpretation.


In the case of any building, structure or land of which is not specifically mentioned here, the provision for a use which is so mentioned and to which said use is similar, shall apply.

In the event several uses occupy a single building or parcel of land, the total requirement for off-street parking shall be the sum of the requirements of the several uses computed separately.



Stanton County Zoning Regulations