The intent of the I-1 Light Industrial District shall be to provide for businesses involved in the manufacturing or handling of light industrial materials and as planned in the Stanton County Comprehensive Plan.


Section 1. Permitted Principal Uses.


The following principal uses are permitted in the I-1 District:


1.1 Light industrial uses except those specifically permitted in the I-2 District and except those which by reason of the emission of odor, dust, fumes, smoke, noise and other obnoxious characteristics would be injurious to the public health, safety and general welfare. Permitted uses shall include uses such as:


A.              Assembly of metal products.


B.               Building materials storage and sales yard.


C.               Concrete or cement products manufacture.


D.              Dyeing and cleaning establishment.


E.               Farm and industrial equipment sales.


F.               Laboratory.


G.              Manufacture and assembly of electrical and electronic appliances.


H.              Manufacturing, compounding, processing, packaging or treatment of articles or merchandise from previously prepared materials such as bone, cloth, aluminum, cork, fiber, leather, glass, plastic, paper, stones, tin, rubber and paint.


I.                 Manufacture of light sheet metal products including heating and ventilation equipment.


J.                Machine shop or other metal working excluding drop hammers and other noise producing tools.


K.              Painting and publishing business.


L.               Stone and monument works.


M.             Storage of farm and agriculture products.


N.              Truck and freight terminal.


O.              Utility substation, pumping station and water reservoir.


P.               Warehouses and wholesale business.


Q.              Living quarters used by watchmen or custodians of the industrially used property.


R. Additional uses as delineated in the Land Use Matrix of these regulations.


Section 2. Lot Requirements.


The minimum lot requirements shall be as follows in these regulations.


2.1 Minimum yard size of permitted uses: (Amended May 16, 2005)

Front Yard 50'

Side Yard 50' 20'

Rear Yard 50' 20'


2.2 All front yards, except for access drives and guest parking, shall be landscaped and maintained with trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns.


2.3 All other yards shall be landscaped and maintained with trees, shrubs, flowers and lawns when they abut or are located across any street from an A-1, A-2, R-1 or I-1 District.


2.4 The minimum lot area shall be two and one-half (2 1/2) three (3) acres unless otherwise provided for in Article 19 of these regulations. Amended January 2002



Stanton County Zoning Regulations