The R-1 district is established for the purpose of low density single-family dwelling control and to allow certain public facilities. Regulations are intended to control density of population and to provide adequate open space around buildings and structures in the district to accomplish these purposes. The intent of this district is to recognize the gradual urbanization near cities and to provide for the proper development and facilities necessary for future growth.


Section 1. Permitted Principal Uses:


1.1             Single-family dwellings.


1.2             Bed and breakfast residence subject to the following provisions:


A.              Guest rooms shall be within the principal residential building only and not within an accessory building.


B.               Each room that is designated for guest occupancy must be provided with a smoke detector which is kept in good working order.


C.               Two (2) off-street parking spaces shall be provided for each dwelling unit plus one (1) off-street parking space for each sleeping room designated for guests. Such parking areas shall not be within the required front or side yards.


D. One (1) identification sign on not more than four (4) square feet of sign area shall be permitted.


1.3             General agricultural operations, but this shall not include or permit:


A.              The confined feeding of livestock.


B.               The spreading, accumulation, feeding or use of garbage or animal waste in any manner on the open surface of the land.


C.               A use or activity engaged in within three hundred (300) feet of a residential or retail business structure, if such use or activity results in continuous odor, dust or noise.


D. The construction of agricultural buildings or structures closer than sixty (60) feet from the right-of-way.


1.4 Public parks and recreational areas and community buildings owned and operated by a public agency.


1.5 Churches, synagogues, and other similar places of worship.


1.6 Public and parochial schools.


1.7 Golf courses, pitch and putt golf courses and driving tees. Miniature golf is permitted if it is a part of the total golfing operation.


1.8             Home Occupation: See Article 12: Section 3, Paragraph 2 - Amended April 200

1.9 Accessory buildings and uses.


Section 2. Conditional Uses:


2.1 Any public building erected on land used by any department of the City, County, State or Federal Government.


2.2 Telephone exchange, electric substations, communication towers and structures, regulatory stations or other public utilities.


2.3 Medical Clinic.


Section 3. Height and Area Regulations.


In the R-1 Residential - Suburban District, the height of buildings, the minimum dimensions of lots and yards, and the minimum lot area per family permitted on any lot or tract, shall be as follows subject to the sanitary requirements of these regulations:


3.1 Buildings or structures shall not exceed thirty-five (35) feet, and shall not exceed two and one-half (22) stories in height.


3.2 There shall be a front yard of not less than twenty-five (25) feet.


3.3 There shall be a side yard on each side of a building not less than ten (10) seven (7) feet. Amended March 15, 1999


3.4 There shall be a rear yard of no less than twenty (20) feet.


3.5 The minimum depth of a lot shall be one hundred (100) feet


3.6 Every dwelling or accessory building or structure hereafter erected, constructed, reconstructed, moved or altered, shall provide a lot area of not less than six thousand (6,000) square feet per family subject to the sanitary requirements in Article 19 of these regulations.






The intent of the Mobile Home Residential District shall be to provide for mobile home dwellings on leased or owned property in areas where a mobile home court is appropriate, where such development is recognized as being in the best interests of the citizens and taxpayers of Stanton County, and as planned for in the Stanton County Comprehensive Plan.


Section 1. Permitted Principal Uses.


The following uses are permitted in the R-M Mobile Home Residential District.


1.1             Mobile Home Court.


1.2             Single family dwelling.


1.3             Public School.


1.4             Private and public park, playground and recreational facilities.


1.5             Church, educational facilities and parish house


1.6 On-site sign.


Section 2. Accessory Uses.


2.1 Buildings and uses customarily incidental to the permitted uses.


2.2 Home occupation: See Article 12, Section 3, Paragraph 2. Amended April 16, 2001.


2.3 Off-street parking.


Section 3. Area and Lot Requirements.


3.1 A mobile home court shall have an area of not less than five (5) acres. No mobile homes shall be located within fifty (50) feet of the principal street on which the court has frontage. The setback on all other court property lines shall be twenty-five (25) feet. These areas shall be landscaped.


3.2 Each lot provided for occupancy of a single mobile home shall have an area of not less than four thousand (4,000) square feet and a width of not less than forty (40) feet. Each individual lot shall have:


A.              Side yards which total not less than twenty (20) feet provided one side yard shall not be less than five (5) feet.


B.               Front yard of not less than fifteen (15) feet.


C. A rear yard of not less than ten (10) feet.


3.3 There shall be a minimum livable floor area of five hundred (500) square feet in each mobile home.


Section 4. Community Facilities


4.1 Each lot shall have access to a hard surfaced drive not less than twenty-two (22) feet in width excluding parking.


4.2 Community water and community sewage disposal facilities shall be provided with connections to each lot, in accordance with Article 19 of these regulations. The water supply shall be sufficient for domestic use and for fire protection.


4.3 Service buildings including adequate laundry and drying facilities, and toilet facilities for mobile homes which do not have these facilities within each unit.


4.4 Not less than 8% of the total court area shall be designated and used for park, playground and recreational purposes.


Section 5. Plan Requirements.


A complete plan of the mobile home court shall be submitted showing:


5.1 A development plan and grading plan of the court.


5.2 The area and dimensions of the tract of land.


5.3 The number, location, and size of all mobile home spaces.


5.4 The area and dimensions of the park, playground and recreation areas.


5.5 The location and width of roadways and walkways.


5.6 The location of service buildings and any other proposed structures.


5.7 The location of water and sewer lines and sewage disposal facilities.


5.8 Plans and specifications of all buildings and other improvements constructed or to be constructed within the mobile home court.






The intent of the C-1 District shall be to provide for commercial businesses that principally support the buying needs for rural residents of Stanton County, as planned in the Stanton County Comprehensive Plan.


Section 1. Permitted Principal Uses.


1.1             Agricultural implement sales and services.


1.2             Animal hospitals when all facilities are within an enclosed building.


1.3             Automobile and truck sales and service.


1.4             Automotive accessory stores.


1.5             Boat sales, service and rental.


1.6             Bowling alleys.


1.7             Car washes.


1.8             Construction equipment rental and sales.


1.9             Convenience stores.


1.10          Dance halls and ballrooms.


1.11          Electric and telephone substations and offices.


1.12          Gift and souvenir shops.


1.13          Hotels and motels including accessory service uses, such as newsstands, messenger and telegraph stations, swimming pools (for motel guests only), flower and gift shops.


1.14          Indoor skating rinks.


1.15          Indoor theaters.


1.16          Lumber and building materials sales yards.


1.17          Mobile home sales and service.


1.18          Motorcycle sales, service and rental.


1.19          Nursery and garden stores.


1.20          Package liquor stores.


1.21          Parks, playgrounds and community buildings owned and operated by a public agency.


1.22          Restaurants and tea room, including drive-in and carry-out establishments.


1.23          Service stations or filling stations (light service work only).


1.24          Taverns.


1.25 Additional uses as delineated in the Land Use Matrix of these regulations.


Section 2. Conditional Uses.


2.1 Signs and billboards.


2.2 Governmental buildings.


2.3 Mortuary.


2.4 Outdoor amusement establishments such as amusement parks, permanent carnival and kiddy parks, miniature golf pitch and putt courses, driving ranges and other similar establishments.


2.5 Drive-in theaters.


2.6 Campgrounds (subject to the Supplemental District Regulations governing campgrounds).


Section 3. Height and Area Regulations.


In District C-1 the height of the buildings, the minimum dimensions of lots and yards and the minimum lot area per family permitted on any lot shall be as follows:


3.1 Buildings or structures shall not exceed thirty (30) feet and shall not exceed two (2) stories.


3.2 The front yard requirements shall be not less than twenty-five (25) feet.


3.3 The side yard shall not be less than fifteen (15) feet.


3.4 The depth of the rear yard shall be at least fifteen (15) feet. Where an alley of record exists such rear yard may be measured from the centerline of said alley.


3.5 There shall be no minimum lot width.


3.6 The minimum lot area shall be two and one-half (2 1/2) three (3) acres unless otherwise provided for in Article 19 of these regulations. Amended January 2002



Stanton County Zoning Regulations