Notice to All Voters:  

Pursuant to §32-811(1) several races for Community  College, Natural Resource District, and Public Power District Board members will not appear on the Primary ballot as the number of candidates does not exceed twice the number of vacancies.   Those candidates are declared nominated and the race shall appear on the General Election ballot.


In addition, due to the passage of LB56 with the Emergency Clause, voters will also see the auto-advancement of partisan county official races in which a candidate is unopposed for their party’s nomination.



Notice to Nonpartisan Voters:

A  registered  voter  who is not affiliated with a political party and who desires to vote in the  primary  election for  the  office  of  United  States  Senator  and/or  United  States House of Representative may request a partisan ballot for any one of the three state recognized political  parties per §32-912(3).


In addition, this year the Nebraska Democratic Party and the Nebraska Libertarian Party have opened their primary election per §32-912(2) to allow nonpartisan voters to vote in any race where their party is nominating a candidate for partisan office.


If you choose do so, upon announcing your name, address and political affiliation to the Receiving Board, ask them to vote a Non-Partisan (insert your choice of party) Congressional Ballot.


No such registered nonpartisan voter shall receive more than one such described partisan ballot. 


Voters may contact their local election office or the Secretary of State’s Office Election Division at 402-471-2555 should questions arise.


Reference 32-912(3)