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Driver License Exams
Stanton - Every Other Wednesday

Digital Driver License

(effective Mar 6, 2019)



Driver License




CDL License



Daily - Madison
Every Other Week - Albion/Stanton

Provisional Operator Permit
(ages 16-18)



Albion, Schuyler

School Permit
(ages 14-16)




Learner’s Permit
(age 15) (valid-1yr)


Learner’s Permit
(age 14 only) (valid-2mo)
(prior school permit)


All Duplicates


When can I renew my driver’s license?

You may renew your expiring Nebraska license within 90 days (not three months) prior to the expiration date. If you move to a new address, you should update your Nebraska license within 60 days. If you change your name, you should update your Nebraska license within 60 days. Call (402) 439-2223 with any questions.

What if I lost my driver’s license?

If you lost your Nebraska license (and are out of state for an extended period); you can obtain a Duplicate license through the Department of Motor Vehicles. This license will not have a photo on it. Please call (402) 471-3985 for details.

Upon your return to the state, the County Treasurer can issue you a new license with a photo for $13.50. Please call (402) 439-2223 for details.

If you need a duplicate CDL license, you will need to see a Driver Examiner before a duplicate will be issued.