NOTICE:  Any agenda item may be moved down at any time at the discretion of the Chairman of the Board.


(Aug 16, 2019 at 3:00 PM)


Stanton County Board of Equalization Agenda

August 19, 2019 at 8:00 AM



§  July 12, July 15 and July 24, 2019


Agenda Items: (times approximate)

§  8:00 AM –

§  Correspondence, Misc: 

§  Assessor Correction Sheets / Clerical Error Listing / Over Under Omitted Values

§  Assessor’s Listing of Cemeteries as of August 1, 2019



Adjournment:  the County Board of Equalization reserve the right to adjourn into closed session as per §84-1410 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes


Stanton County Commissioner’s Agenda

August 19, 2019 at 8:15 AM



§  July 12, July 15 and July 24, 2019


Claims and Payroll:

§  Accounts Payable

§  Payroll



§  County Clerk fees; Documentary Stamp Tax, co shr; Game and Parks Agent fees; Clerk District Court fees; Passport Fees; County Treasurer receipts; Veterans Service Office 4th Qu Annual Report 2018-2019; County Treasurer List Distress Warrants Issued and Returned;


Agenda Items: (times approximate)

§  8:15 AM –

§  Correspondence, Misc:  Nebr DAS, State Purchasing Bureau – purchasing bureau; Terry Jessen, Oshkosh – truenebraskas,com, comment from Jon Cannon, NACO Dep Director; LG Everist Inc – schedule update; Linn Rey, Azuga Inc – vendor registration; NIRMA – NIRMA Safety Shorts Vol.7 No.8; Nebr Dept NRD – Lower Elkhorn Watershed Floodplain Mapping Project Update; Nebr Dept NRD – Upper Elkhorn Watershed Floodplain Mapping Project Update; Nebraska Community Foundation Connections – Summer 2019; Army Corps Engineers – NWO-2019-00909-WEH/Emerg Relief Stanton Southwest, FEMA DR-4420; Equipment Blades, Sioux Falls SD – project brochure; Northeast Nebraska Economic Development District 2018-2019 Annual Report; Richard Houck, NDOT – Local Project Monthly Status Update;


§  Custody Receipt – release First Nebraska Bank (resolution)


§  Discuss raise PlanZone Adm/VSO

§  Budget Preliminary Levy Request (resolution)

§  Discuss/review proposed budget

§  Set Budget Hearing

§  Set Hearing for Final Tax Request


§  9:30 AM – (LaLene)

o   Preliminary Plat/Final Plat appl hearing – Kelby Herman – property located SW SE 20-24-1

o   Vacate Plat – AJK Estates Lot Split – SW SE 20-24-1

o   Lot Split – Novotny Addn (replat of Lot 1 & 2 Eagle Ridge 1st Addn) – NE 9-23-1

o   Lot Split – Chilcoat Lot Split – split 5 acres SW NW & NW SW 29-23-3

o   Gene Willers – trees/shrubs planted close county ROW


§  10:00 AM –

o   Rachel Liester with Karen Kollars, Nebr Tourism Comm – lodging tax

o   Tim Larsen – Economic Development


§  10:15 AM – Bill Goodpasture – SID – Hwy Allocation Funds – renewal and increase


§  Approve and authorize chairman sign renewal contract – Island Supply Welding Co – 5yr cylinder deposit agreement


§  10:30 AM – Mark Mainelli – highway consultant update

o   Road Hearing – vacation Pt 837 Rd located 13/24-23-1

o   Chad Boyer, Willer’s Cove Homeowners Assoc – flood damage

o   Approve and authorize chairman to sign 2019 Fractural Critical Bridge Inspections agreement (resolution)

o   County Annual Certification of Program Compliance to Nebraska Board of Public Roads Classifications and Standards 2019 & Signing Resolution

§  11:00 AM – Dan Forbes, TransCanada – Permits Construct Utilities on Co ROW and Road Agreement approval


Adjournment:  the County Board of Commissioners reserve the right to adjourn into closed session as per §84-1410 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes


§84-1410.  “Any public body may hold a closed session by the affirmative vote of a majority of its voting members if a closed session is clearly necessary for the protection of the public interest or for the prevention of needless injury to the reputation of an individual and if such individual has not requested a public meeting.”